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October 26, 2009

inspiration in bloomington

I went to visit my friend Carrie in Bloomington, Indiana this weekend.  The fall leaves were so gorgeous, I have been motivated to get these holiday cards going!  It’s much easier to remember what month it is when the leaves are falling and the air is crisp.  Back in San Diego now, and it’s in the 70’s…not sure if it’s August or October!  Here is a picture of my friends in the leaves.  And I just have to share with you our adorable pumpkin.  So much for the scary faces and the Halloween themed carvings…we went with something a little sweeter. And it turned out to look quite similar to Jessie & Brian’s orange blossom.IMG_2432



October 21, 2009

productive day at wp newport

Britt and I have very exciting business in the works, ranging from corporate holiday cards to a visit back to an old sorority house :) Today, we worked on our boxed sets that will be making their debut appearance at said sorority house, as well as compiling ALL of our fabulous stationery designs to take custom orders.  We cannot wait for in person client meetings at B’s alma mater…

To follow up with my sister’s holiday cards, here they are!


October 16, 2009

printing day

My sister’s been in town for almost a week, and she leaves tomorrow.  So of course, today she decided to order her Christmas cards… Today I am Cinderella, busy printing for my sister as she soaks up her last day in San Diego, before going back to Slovakia… Stay tuned for pics of her adorable card. She and her husband are one of the model couples on our website ;)

I’m also printing some stationery for a pair of newlyweds…what a great wedding gift!  I know that they’ll love it.  Back to work at WP Encinitas.

October 7, 2009

holiday cards are here

it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

head on over to our website, and check out our line of 2009-2010 holiday cards. order soon to avoid the mad dash as the holidays near.

here are a couple of my favorites:


October 4, 2009

humphrey the stationery model

B and I were taking pictures of our new holiday card designs yesterday in Malibu and I just had to share this photo.  It’s actually of our dear friend’s save the date that we were photographing for the website.  Brittany’s boyfriend made delicious ribs, and our boyfriends were quite content watching football as we worked away.  We went outside for the photo shoot, and Humphrey of course didn’t want to miss out on the action. THIS IS NOT A POSED PICTURE.  How cute is he? Seriously. So much love from WP Malibu.

humphrey the model dog

October 3, 2009

coming soon

holiday cards are coming soon! we are meeting at brittany’s new place in malibu to finalize designs and photograph! check back soon.